Where the journey starts and where it continues

This past year was a journey through many experiences. The navigation through the need to accomplish, rest, contemplate, reflect, realize, awaken. They all assisted to connect to the inner motivation to feel content and complete.

Most of the moments emerged in their own way. It was simply about letting them emerge. It may not have felt like it was the “right time”, but there was no denying their importance in the journey.

There could have been a choice to resist or avoid. They would have still emerged at another time.

Transform the experiences

To allow presence of the experience, shifts one’s perspective through gratitude while acknowledging the blessings.

It could be argued that other choices may have altered the experiences. That is also true, and that would lead to a different path on the journey.

There is a reason this journey is meant to be. There is something to be appreciated and something to be learned.

A Calling For Connection

What wants to be realized and what wants to be revealed?

What will be possible and who will I get to be in the process?

A sense of trust develops. A knowing that everything will be ok. 

Personal growth and transformation are part of the journey. 

Surrender to the process.

Let go of outdated beliefs and ideals that no longer serve.

Cultivate the necessary empowerment to thrive.

Functioning with focus in a clearly defined vision.

What will help to realize the potential of self?

What will help to execute actions with alignment and integrity?

What will help to see clarity for opportunities?
What will help to ignite the craving of the soul?

What is required

  1. Daily supportive habits that nourish the mind, body, soulful spirit.
  2. A disciplined mindset that welcomes resilience and love.
  3. Consistent intentions that fuel motivation and inspiration.
  4. A purpose that connects with your heart.

Take a moment and reflect, where has your journey brought you to this moment of here and now?

Where will be your continuation and starting point when the New Year begins?

The challenge most often resides in the acceptance that there is no wrong place to be on the path. 

What if, you believed that each aspect of the journey was a gift that was unveiling something about yourself. Revealing your higher potential. Unearthing unlimited possibilities through broadened perspectives. Guiding an energetic force of passion towards your daily efforts and actions.

Approach each day as a praise of gratitude for the many gifts and opportunities that are ready to be acknowledged. Cultivate the awareness of what makes everything extraordinary. You will witness other perspectives that extend an invitation to live into an astonishing life overflowing with joy.

The emergence of each experience is a blessing to be honored. It is a selfless journey that has no end.