About the Author

Kristin works with individuals to recognize their own gifts, practice self-love and tap into their inner leader, helping them feel more fulfilled on a daily basis.

Kristin Larsen is a published Author, certified Transformational Health Coach, and Leader of Compassionate Living. Throughout his life, Kristin navigated the depths of mental imprisonment; from the silence of his voice in this world, to trying to figure out why he is here and what his purpose is.

The exploration of these paths—with the experiences that accompanied them, eventually introduced him to the world of coaching in 2017.

A Journey

Kristin began to adopt a healthier lifestyle and changing his habits, through a health coaching program which ignited his own interest in coaching. He realized this was the beginning of a beautiful new journey.


Kristin continued to immerse himself in learning about coaching by completing a Mastery Transformational coaching program. It was in this program that he found freedom from the mental prison that kept him isolated; searching for his identity of where he fit in this world.


Writing was always an interest of Kristin’s, along with the dream of publishing a book. His introduction to becoming an author, presented itself with the opportunity to be an author in the book, Decision To Heal: Pathways From Suffering to Love. After being part of this writing collaboration, he knew he was destined to set out on his own writing journey.

Combining his extensive knowledge, life experience, and his willingness to share his own story through writing, the ideas for his book started to flow easily and came together very quickly.

Kristin is dedicated to leading by example and demonstrates his own transformation. He created a book in the hopes of sharing with others, what helped him learn and grow and the steps involved in getting there!

The main intention behind his writing and coaching is to support people around the world who want to live authentically by guiding and assisting them to step out of the self-imprisonment that prevents them from showing up fully in life.

Kristin’s writing style incorporates both a compassionate voice and encourages his readers to get clearer on what they want in life by reflecting on their own thoughts and feelings, then identifying their goals and how to achieve them.


Kristin’s goal is to live authentically and help others do the same. This means being vulnerable and ultimately showing up as more relatable and transparent -which attracts other like-minded people to you.


  Published Books

  • Decision To Heal: Pathways From Suffering To Love
  • Joy Of Being: Daily Moments of Becoming Present
  • Joy Of Being: Mindfully Present



  • Kristin offers 2 transformational health coaching programs called “Leading From Within” and “Mindset Cleanse”.
  • Kristin’s services are to inspire and to encourage mindset change and to support the habit shifts; which allow one to create empowered possibilities!


Leading From Within

90-day Signature Program


Mindset Cleanse

6-Week Awareness Program


What can you expect from Kristin?

Kristin’s role as coach is to help you tap into self-compassion, inner-knowing and gain clarity. 


Self-compassion and compassion for others is needed to understand yourself and others. Once there is understanding, you will find it easier to move forward.

Inner Knowing

Wisdom manifests once you are fully present and quiet your mind. You will notice that the answers were there all along, they were just masked with doubt and external noise. 


Emerges from the quality of questions being asked. It is in the process of asking good questions, where individuals often find the answers and start seeing what is possible. 

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