Clarity About Urgency To Live

The convergence of urgency and comfort invites an opportunity to shift an experience with an altered perception of time.

A perception of time could be swayed by thoughts or feelings on both extremes of the spectrum.  One perception is the distorted illusion of unlimited time and the other extreme could be the belief of being stuck in moments or experiences.

When I think of time, from the standpoint from beginning to end in the current life, it does not seem unlimited. I also think of time as being infinite. The belief that time has no end. It seems like a confliction of what time is. It could be subjective if someone believes that physical life may end, and the spiritual journey continues.

To focus on the specific physical presence in life would suggest there is a path to the end.

When the end appears, there can be an assumption that there are many reflective insights that arise for the time lived.

Documented thoughts from others near the end of their life include appreciations, regrets, forgiveness, remorse, love.

Why it takes a lifetime to realize the reflective insights

The false reality many people hold in their mind is commonly mistaking they have unlimited time in their life.

At what points in life do people start thinking about time as a precious gift?

Usually there are disruptions or reminders that interrupt the false reality of unlimited time.

It could be when someone close, like a best friend or family member passes away. A revelation for the physical end of life. A gentle prompt of reality for aging and mortality.

It may or may not persuade one’s perspective of time. It definitely infuses the curiosity to think about it.

 Curiosity could then lead someone down a tunnel of despair thinking about everything they “must do now” with a maintained focus on the ending.

It isn’t about the time urgency to do tasks. It is about the time urgency to be the person you envision being in your life. 

Am I taking the time to love others and myself?

Am I taking the time to appreciate the moments in life?

Am I taking the time to live with inner peace?


Looking deeper into these individual questions, the answers reside in the question, “what does this mean to me?”

What living with urgency really means

I believe it is a simple philosophy. 
To live with integrity. To live in your values. To love deeply. To care for yourself. To care for others.

There can be many temptations that get in the way of someone not following this philosophy. In most cases, following the ego leads us astray.

Attachment to the thoughts of anger, disappointment, failure are some of the major attention grabbers for the ego. Depending how intense the attachment is will determine how long the ego will be followed on the journey. Gradually taking someone further and further away from the simple philosophies they want to live by. The perception becomes; they no longer seem simple.

Days, months and years pass. Not realizing the habits and perceptions have denied the proper love and caring that was always wanted.

This includes escaping, avoiding and running away from challenges that life is presenting. Respect must be given for the current state someone is functioning. However, that does not preclude the potential and possibility of shifting that state. Regaining focus and realigning commitment to the things that are most important. Those “things” of importance are what become urgent to care for.

There is a responsibility to act with urgency. Being accountable not only to oneself, but to others that encompass the ripple effect in life’s sphere of connection.

Redemption of integrity is tightly woven into the values of love and caring. It requires being prompt in those aligned actions.


Bring awareness back in your body to stay focused in life

To stay focused requires minimal distraction in the mind. It is interesting how chaos could ensue around someone, yet they are able to maintain focus.

I wonder why that is?

A typical day in life for example, getting lost in all the intricacies of tasks, obligations, responsibilities.

How can someone stay focused with so much going on?

Being in tune with our senses of what is occurring in our body can help to maintain focus on the joy of who we are, what is happening in our perceptual world.

It is a form of appreciative acknowledgement. Accepting what is happening without resistance.

The awareness in our body connects us back to ourselves.

It is a grounding into the current moment.

Tune into the moment without the chaos diverting our attention somewhere other than what is happening right now.

The mind connects back with the body.

You take the time to feel your feet on the ground. You allow yourself to be open to observation as time was taken to notice.

To feel the sensations, the energy in your body. 

Where are they being held, stored, restricted?

Taking small steps to incorporate awareness in your body throughout the day will provide advantages of focus in life.

You may notice yourself stepping out of fear based thinking, listening with greater intention, less frustration, overall appreciative awareness for right now.

3 Ways To Create Awareness In The Body

  1. Body Scan
  2. Movement
  3. Intentional Reflection/Expression

The body scan is a technique used to intentionally bring attention to individual parts of the body without judging them. 

Movement when done mindfully helps to connect yourself back to your body to truly feel the various areas of the body in greater appreciation.

Intentional reflection offers a form of expression that creates a conscious awareness of the things that benefit the body in it’s functioning and movement while also identifying what obstructs it’s effectiveness.

Connecting back to the body is a choice that aids in the life healing process. It allows feelings and thoughts to surface that would otherwise be suppressed. 

As the practice becomes stronger, so does the efficiency of how quickly someone can tune into their body.

After experimenting with the sensations in the body, bring them into awareness and feel a powerful experience of focused presence within you.

Connection to the body is a conscious awareness to the residing messages below the superficial functioning in life.


What makes it so hard to let go of hurt, pain, loss?

I have found it is the fear of how much of suffering will have to be endured until it goes away.

The thought of what has been impacted by the pain.

The constant attachment to the thoughts and emotions that continue to be a reminder of each experience.

When the choice is made to hold onto what is causing the fear, instantly choices become limited.

There is a meaning that has been attached to what is feared. The fear has become the focus of reality and all the decisions being made are based around the fear.

Letting go becomes a process. Going through the process of letting go requires presence.

There is a realization that there is no need to avoid what is desired to be let go of.

The internal process starts with awareness. Being aware of what is triggering the fear, and what the actual fear is.

Next is to acknowledge that the fear exists and what is being created by the fear.

Finally, it is accepting that you have a fear of what is being experienced. You are experiencing it in the moment, and that’s okay.

This gives the opportunity to shift perspective and it opens the possibility for choice.

Needing to express what needs to be expressed. The opportunity opens up for self compassion, forgiveness, gratitude.

This helps to form beliefs that attract focus for what is desired rather than what is being created by the fears.

Where would you like to be placing your focus?

Letting go becomes more about trust and belief in something greater than the fear that is being held onto. -Kristin Sven Larsen