When does the tipping point for transformation happen?

It is always how it has been for me, why do things need to change now?

The tipping point for transformation might feel like it happens when things reach a point where an internal movement is felt and contains confusion, igniting an inner revolt to transform into a new vision of possibility. While the pull to change is strong, the need to transform presents an invitation that is impossible to decline.

A question is proposed, “Is it the need to change or the need to transform?”

While change is focused on shifting the dynamics of the external environment, transformation transcends deeper into the inner world of who we are. (or who we think we are)

The confusion could arise from the attachment to remain in an established routine in a lived reality, yet knowing there is a yearning of something different in contrast to that reality.

There is a legitimate fear of breaking free from the patterns and experiences that have created that reality.

Within that fear of breaking free are the intricate questions we ask ourselves; Am i capable? Can I trust myself? Am I enough as a person to make the necessary changes to create a new reality both internally and externally.

Doubts manifest because of the uncertainty of venturing into the unknown. What would it be like navigating, operating in a vastly different realm than what has been established?

The human makeup is extraordinary. We have the ability to adapt to any situation. It is part of our survival instinct.

There could be situations or durations of experienced hardships that become a way of living, even though they don’t have to be.

It is familiar and known regardless of the detriment it might be causing to remain in that state of being.

When You Feel The Compulsion To Shift

New questions begin to form. The focus moves to a process that sheds the layers of who we thought we were.

The struggle is no longer viewed as the form of a separate self. 

The beautiful part in the process is the formulation of consciousness that accesses self knowing through the evolution of limitless possibility residing in our soul.

As part of the expansion of self, new beliefs are formed to replace the learned one’s that no longer serve their purpose today.

We get to acknowledge they did serve a purpose at one point in time. The old self wants to maintain the known ways of functioning and seeing the world in a familiar perception in order to feel safe.

Navigating the new reality

The new self wants to create a new reality aligned with possibilities and serves the values which guide the direction of life choices.

“Who do I choose to be” is the guiding beacon which illuminates the path forward through the unknown. Having courage to face the fears which prevent moving forward.

The process of transformation accelerates when resistance is released. There must be a willingness to surrender in it’s unfolding. Realizing that what is happening is for me and not to me.

The struggle is reduced when the choice is made to take accountability for being in the experiences in their entirety.

Fears will arise throughout the process. That’s ok.

We want to feel safe.

We want to feel like we are on solid ground. 

We want to rationalize everything that is occurring in the moment.

We want to trust the journey is worth the imposing challenges.

A profound awakening defines the need to transform.

A realization is formed;

The need to transform outweighs the fear of what might be lost in the process of inner revolution.

……the process of transformation begins…….