Bringing back feelings from being numb in life

Everyday stress and suffering over time becomes a self defense of numbness that is carried around each day.

It may feel like, “always going through the motions in life.”

Not wanting to feel the hurtful or painful feelings. It pushes away the other emotions that are wanting to be experienced. The joy, the gratitude, the possibility, the wonder within each day.

It is extraordinary how a perspective shifts that numbness. Refocusing on what brings life and energy into each moment.

It no longer feels like things are “going through the motions.”

There is a purpose and commitment to feel again. A revitalized awakening that slowly opens vision to exciting possibilities. 

The realization that intention must be focused on the thoughts which demand attention to be experienced.

The emotions need to be processed, acknowledged and accepted. A gentle handling without judgement. An openness to refrain from judging the judgement of the emotions. Shame and guilt are not wrong. They are sending me a message to uncover what they are trying to tell me.

Offering the choice to let go of suffering

The one small step of being in the presence of thought and emotion begins to shift perspective.

The soul wants to wake up. It wants to be seen, it wants to be heard. 

It is waiting for permission.

Each passing day that the soul is asleep, it becomes restless.

Continually trying to attract attention.

All the soul truly wants is to be reunited with the heart.

To be guided in life with connected trust and courage.

Break the continual pattern of numbing out in an attempt to feel better through extreme satiations that fill the void.

Binge watching, screen scrolling, addiction choosing activities to quiet the mind and avoid feeling.

Fear of the attempt to break free from the safe space that has been established.

Curiosity and self discovery await a committed focus.

Begin to explore the questions,

“what wants to be acknowledged?”

“What part of me wants to be heard?” 

“What would I rather be experiencing instead?”

“What do I need, what is required of me?”


Let my soul awaken from it’s slumber.

Let it breathe the fullness of being alive again.

Let the healing begin.

Let the unravelling be revealed.

Allow the transformation to unfold within.

May I see the vibrant colors of life

May I be grateful for this moment I chose to see.


Acceptance of self and situations equals freedom inside self

What often confines the suffering in life?

It is usually the choice or lack of choice to stay immersed in the identity of the suffering.

Staying immersed in the identity of the suffering often leads to self judgement and other survival strategies that take away the freedom to exist in what is being experienced.

It develops into a continual pattern of suffering with no escape.

Isolated thinking occurs and the pain is ignored or pushed away. Shame and guilt take over to mask the continual thoughts that are perpetuating in their own biosphere.

Something that helps release the shame and guilt

An inner giving of freedom starts with self compassion.

Self compassion is a practice of acceptance. Accepting self and acceptance of situations is essential to let go of the thoughts, “I am the suffering” as opposed to “I am suffering.” Do these two thoughts seem different in what you might experience?

Self Compassion assists in relieving the intensities of anxiety and depression.

Three elemental constructs of self compassion

These three self compassion foundations help to shift the perspective of suffering.

  1. Self Kindness instead of Self Judgement. This means being warm towards self in the midst of failure, suffering or inadequacy.
  2. Common Humanity instead of Isolation. The realization and recognition that you are not the only one going through the experience being encountered. Seeing that all humans are imperfect or make mistakes.
  3. Mindfulness instead of Over-Identification. Being aware of our thoughts and feelings, acknowledging them without trying to deny or suppress them. Having receptive acceptance of them without the judgement or attachment to the negative reactions.

What would an example look like in a moment of simplified self compassion?

  1. Accept and acknowledge the experience, “this is a moment of challenge and it feels stressful.
  2. “Challenges are a part of life and I’m not alone in what I’m feeling.”
  3. Say to yourself, “May I be kind to myself, may I forgive myself and give myself the compassion that I need right now. What do I need, what can I give myself?”

The effects of self compassion in life are the ultimate shift in perspective about self and life. It continually cultivates the resilience necessary to move through suffering and setbacks in a way that acknowledges who you are with love and acceptance.

Uncovering the freedom to appreciate what is being experienced without the need to resist. Accepting the true essence of being alive in all it’s vibrancy, including the emotional gifts.

Comforting self through the process in kindness and grace. Connecting to love with harmonious congruency.


Mindfulness in Life Experiences

To be present in life requires mindfulness.

Mindfulness is being aware, paying attention without attachment by choice.

Choosing to be present in the moment.

Mindfulness is a state of being where body and mind are in the same mental and physical place at the same time.

In that moment, thoughts of past or future don’t exist.

It is so easy to go through daily routines or just “go through the motions.”

Mindfulness would be to step outside that pattern and be aware of the actions, things you are doing throughout the day.

The Benefits of Being Mindful

It can reduce stress by having awareness of thoughts and emotions that are occurring in the moment. There is an opportunity to process them.

Situations are no longer just reactionary.

What this means is having self control and not reacting  with a response of impulsive behavior. In addition, mindfulness allows for mental calmness in a state of composure. Within that composure is mental clarity and concentration.

You place all focus on what you are doing with aligned action. Awareness for where you are in the moment. Living into who you are choosing to be with intention and discipline. Functioning from a conscious thought process. This could be referred to as “the higher self” or “divine self.”

There is one important attribute that mindfulness offers in life. It is the ability to relate to self and others. In this space, kindness, compassion and acceptance are visible in awareness. Mindfulness can offer other perspectives. The perspectives offer other opportunities and choices.

There is a choice to step into the intentions of who you are being.

From my own personal experience, mindfulness has helped me with connection.

Mindfulness helps bring me back to a neutral operating state. Release from the dominating thoughts of judgment.

Letting go of the worries, the doubts.

It is a place of focus and intention on the present.

It breaks moments down into observable pieces.

You notice things start to slow down.

There is an appreciation for all that is right now.